Salmon with green sauce

Today I’m going to talk about a recipe I found in this book called Een Belgisch kookboek written by Peter Goossens and Geert Van Hecke!

bookbOf course we are rebellious and try to give recipes our own touch. Today we prepared salmon with a sauce on the base of herbs and vegetables. This sauce contains no fat or any other thick substance. It’s really healty.

In this book they prepared the salmon with a crunchy topping on it, but we replaced this with bacon. After a lot of cooking experiences we know that if you place some slices of bacon on top of it, it doesn’t get dry that fast. PLUS it gives more flavor to your dish.

200 g spinach
150 g water cress
250 ml water
A big amount of parsley
Broth in which vegetables have been simmered, or just a bouillon cube


Cut your salmon into little pieces and place some bacon on top of it. This needs to be prepared in the oven, for which the salmon will need proximatly 20 minutes at a 160 degrees, depending on your oven.
Don’t forget to fill your plate with some olive oil, so the salmon won’t burn. Of course don’t forget some pepper!


Actually the quantity of the vegetables or herbs doesn’t matter because the more vegetables: the more sauce, the more taste. Above all: SUPER HEALTHY!

First put your water into a pot together with the bouillon cube. Make sure the bouillon cube disappears and is absorbed well by the water. If your water boils, then add all spinach, watercress and parsley.

It’s important that your pot is high enough so you can stir and crush all well. Like that the vegetables and herbs will absorb the flavor of your bouillon. After that you’ll see the quantity will be less. After stiring the amount of green healtyness, you just need to mix everything, so it becomes a sauce. You can add pepper if you think this is necessary. Don’t forget: your bouillon is already a source of salt!


Making this sauce isn’t that difficult and is prepared very fast. You only need some minutes.

You can serve your salmon with some mashed potatoes. Vegetables are not needed, because your sauce already is your vegetable. If you still prefer some vegetables with it: you can serve spinach with it or just some chicory.

Note: I love it when chicory is already mixed in my mashed potatoes. 

Citytrippin’ Lisbon

Recently I went to Lisbon on a citytrip with a friend of mine. I must say: the food I ate was bad! Don’t know whether its just my choice in wrong addresses, my personal taste or just Lisbon’s kitchen itself.

Lisbon uses a LOT of garlic in its food. Normally I’m a garlic-lover myself, because I use it in all my dishes too, but this was too much for me. Everywhere I went, every dish I ate had too much garlic.

The last evening we thought: “Food, good food, that’s all we want.” So we did some research and there was this place “La paparrucha” that was recommended by several people and even some folders. We didn’t hesitate, we just called and made our reservation!

So… today I’m going to write about La paparrucha!

This restaurant offers like any other restaurant many dishes: steaks, pasta, salads, …ribeye But it’s specialty is STEAK: they have like 30 choices in steak!

On top of that this restaurant isn’t just a restaurant. The reason why it’s so popular is because of its VIEW. It’s amazing! If you sit by the window you have a magnificent view all over Lisbon!


They also have a terrace, but it’s only used for having drinks like cocktails, gins, wine or something else you like.

Anyway I’m going to talk about the food.

To begin with: the table is already filled with some appetizers: cheese and salami.

table NOTE: like most of places in Lisbon, they count services, cultery and appetizers into the bill. Even if you didn’t ask for the apperizers. It’s already set on your table, so if you don’t wan’t to pay for that: don’t eat of it.

Of course we tried their specialty! We had the rib eye with jacket potatoes and some vegetables. And so I’m here to declare it DELICIOUS!

There’s nothing to discuss about the rib eye: it was well baked and very tasteful. The vegetables were presented in some sort of satay-way and the jacket potatoes were together with some sort of garlic butter.

vegetables jacketpotato

After our main dish, we tried out a dessert. I was very happy to see my favorite: Apple-pie with crumble and vanilla ice cream! Again: tasty!


Actually I’ve nothing else to say then: if you’re in Lisbon, certainly try it out!

Price: expensive.

Enjoy – Jules 


Today I’m going for a super easy recipe: QUICHE!

Quiche is something you can use as a starter, but if you’re not in a good mood to cook, and still want a healty meal, you can really eat it as a main dish too! It’s a perfectly healthy and satisfying meal full of flavor! And most of all: EASY to make!

You can serve it with some salad and bread. Easy to prepare!

11923380_10207332701820273_1976651560_nIf we make quiche at home, we actually never make our own dough/pastry. We buy some puff pastry in the supermarket, which is tasteful too. If there’s no puff pastry, crumble pastry is possible too. Depending on your personal preference you choose.

I won’t give any quantities, because you can choose whatever you like. If you like spinach
very much, then use more spinach. You can
balance your quiche however you want.

  1. First pre-bake your puff pastry in the oven at 160 degrees, for about 10 minutes. It’s important you make sure you put some weight on it, so it doesn’t rise. We use rice or beans for this.
  2. Once pre-baked your puff pastry, wait some minutes to cool it down.
  1. Now fill your puff pastry with spinach, feta-cheese, tomato and some herbs you want. We use parsley, but you can use others and even way more herbs if you like. Oh, and don’t forget some garlic!

Note: if you use fresh spinach and prepare it yourself, make sure your spinach is squeezed out enough, so there’s no water anymore. Otherswise your quich will be wet and your flavors will disappear.

  1. Beat together your eggs. We use about 5 eggs for one quiche! Add some milk to it, together with some pepper. Don’t add (too much) salt, because your feta is already salty!
  1. Last but not least: pour your eggs into you puff pastry-form on top of your vegetables.
  1. Put it in the oven for at least 30 minutes at 160 degrees. Today we needed 40 minutes to bake it. It depends on your amount of vegetables, thickness, … 


ENJOY – Jules


A few years ago a friend gave a recipe to my mom… This week she FINALLY tried it out! Normally I’m not really a fan of cheese and everything that’s made of it, but this one… I really liked!

It’s a cake made of a crunchy speculoos-bottom, followed by the cheesecake itself filled with strawberries in it!



  • One pack of butter biscuits
    I don’t know how English people call this sort of cookie, but in Belgium it’s called ‘Petit Beurre’ and in Germany it’s called ‘Leibniz-Keks’. I guess the right words to describe this cookie is butter biscuits.
  • 100 g sugar
  • 50 g soft butter


250 g quark or cream cheese
200 ml cream
4 leaves of gelatine (3g/leave)
2 eggs
100 g sugar
250 g strawberries
Juice of one orange                                                                                       

Preparation Dough

Of course you begin with the bottom of your cake: the crunchy speculoos-bottom!

To begin you need to crush your butter biscuits, which I do with a rolling pin. After crushing the biscuits you’ll mix the crumbs with the sugar and soft butter.

Before you put this stuffing (mix of crumbs, sugar and soft butter) into the spring form, you need to cover it with parchment bake paper. After putting the stuffing into the form press the stuffing with a fork, so it’s gonna be steady.

Put this cookie-crunch bottom in the oven on 180 degrees for about 10 minutes. After that it needs to cool down.

Note: If you like this crunchy-texture much you can make it as thick as you want. Don’t forget: it’s an amount of sugar, so make sure the flavor isn’t too dominant. As you see in my cake, I did a very thin layer of this crunchy bottom. Next time I’ll make it thicker, because I really liked it! 

While your bottom is cooling, make the cheese stuffing. 

First mix your cream half-steady. After that you’ll need to mix your egg white until it becomes like white snow.

While mixing your egg white you can already cut your strawberries into little pieces.

Secondly you need to soak your leaves of gelatine in cold water. This could be a few minutes, so it’s certainly soaked.

While soaking the gelatine, mix/combine your egg yolk with the sugar on a low temperature in a pot. It’s important you keep stiring, so it wont burn. Once you stired it well, add your orange juice.

Now get off your pot from the hot plate and add the gelatine into it! Before adding it’s important you squeeze the gelatine, so there’s no water anymore. Again: stir well!

After adding the gelatine, add the rest of the ingredients: the quark, the cream you already mixed (half-steady) and your strawberries. It’s important you add your egg yolk LAST!!!

Last but not least, put this stuffing on your already cooled down crunchy speculoos bottom and put it in the fridge so it can stiffen a bit! I normally make my cakes a day earlier before eating them!

It’s All about flavor

Today I’m going to share a recipe I found in this magazine called ‘Libelle’. I refer to this publishing company called “Mondadori”, because of course it’s not my own recipe.

This recipe is all about Pork Loin! Especially it will be about preparing it in the oven!

Why did I choose this recipe?
Most people just bake pork in a pan, which is delicious and tasty too, but we figured out that if we prepare it in the oven, your pork will get way more flavor than what you’ll get in a pan.

Despite this good article, my mom didn’t fully used the same herbs and made some adjustments herself. On top of that the temperature of the oven is mostly just an indication. Each oven works different, so your oven might need a little more or less time to prepare this.

Ingredients pork

Pork Loin
Olive Oil
Bacon (little pieces: 100gr)
A glass white wine

1. Get your meat out of the fridge at least an hour before baking it.

To begin with, you need of course some pieces of Pork Loin. We always prepare 2 pieces for 4 people!
Like any good chef, we always take our meat out of the fridge at least an hour before we prepare it, so the meat can get temperature.
If you don’t do this, and the meat is still cold, you won’t get this “shhhh”-sound while baking it! This influences the flavor!

Note: your pan needs to be very hot! So wait until the butter is getting brown. Then you’ll know you’re ready to put your meat into it! 

2. Baking the bacon

This is quite clear: just bake the little pieces of bacon in the pan! Because the oven won’t be able to get them as they should be. On top of that you’ll need the bacon-fat to use baking your pork!

3. Baking the pork

Before putting the pork in the oven, we always bake them very shortly in a pan, so we get this beautiful crunchy crust! This result you won’t get in the oven.

Important: The pan you used for baking the bacon will be the same pan for baking the pork!
Why?! Because like this the flavor of our bacon will flow together with the flavor of the pork itself. Like this you create even more flavor!
(Don’t throw away your meet fat and scraps, you can pour this over your meat in the dish itself, for extra flavor!)

4. Putting the pork into the oven dish together with its herbs

So before putting the pork in the oven dish, you need to fill the dish with the bacon you just baked. On top of that you’ll put your pieces pork.

Next to that you surround your bacon with garlic and onion.
Note: don’t cut your onion too small, because otherwise it burns fast. 

Once settled the pork, you’ll cover it with olive oil! This provides you a sticky layer to put your herbs on, so they won’t slip away.
Herbs or not: olive oil is my main ingredient in almost all my oven dishes!!

Now you sprinkle all the herbs on top of your meat: this could be any herb you want, depending on your personal taste. We put salt, pepper, rosemary, thyme and parsley on it!
Note: don’t use too many salt, because your bacon is already a source giving salt to your dish. 

5. Pour a glass of white wine and some teaspoons balsamic around your meat

To give your dish some more flavor you’ll give it a bath of white wine with some teaspoons balsamic in it. When putting it in the oven, your wine will evaporate, so the alcohol will be no longer existent in your dish. It just gives you the flavor of the wine itself.

Now your dish is ready to put in the oven. You’ll need 160 degrees for that. At this temperature your pork will be needing 20 minutes to get this beautiful rosé color. Normally pork loin is baked or roasted rare!

Note: we’ve got recently a new oven, so it heats very quickly. Like this we only needed 20 minutes to prepare the meat. If you’ve got an older oven, or by knowing a slower one, it might take a bit longer to get your meat ready. It’s up to you getting to know your oven. So… The more you use it, the more you’ll know what meat will need what time to prepare it.

You can present your meat together with baked potatoes and some beans, rolled in bacon. Or any other vegetable you like! You can go all directions!

ENJOY – Jules

Citytrippin’ New York


As we all know New York is giant city, with many cultures. And so it does not surprise that New York has a lot to offer concerning food!

But like most of us know Americans are not that much culinary! Finding a good restaurant, without paying too much ànd having a good dish is sometimes a whole task to do. (Especially in NYC)

At home we’re all steak/roast beef lovers and so it seemed nice to write about a French restaurant today: Le Relais de Venise, where they only offer ONE dish and so is directly their specialty: STEAK. 

As we know, or for those who still don’t, it’s a French habit to start dinner with a salad. Here they serve a green salad with a walnut dressing and a vinaigrette based on mustard, followed by their well-known steak with fries!

So… Why only one dish? Excite the curiosity of the people! 

Though … Along with their steak, they serve some kind of green sauce, their “secret recipe sauce”. Very mysterious, because most of us take a tasty pepper creamsauce or sauce Béarnaise. Well… NOT HERE!

No one knows, only the chef, how the sauce is made and what ingredients it contains. Even the waitresses can not completely describe the sauce. I can only say that the sauce was DELICIOUS.

The interior is, even here, not so much special, but it’s very sociable and cosy. Decorated with wooden chairs and tables, covered with well-known red table sheets.

The presentation is very basic, but not clumsy. But face it… you have not so many possibilities with steak and fries. It is what it is and… Come on… If we order steak with fries, we don’t care about the presentation at all right?! 😉 😉 😉

Since the entrance and so the salad counts as vegetables, the main course is served without vegetables. Pure steak, with the fries. Moreover, you can ask as many fries and additional steak as you want, for only one price!

Last but not least, I can say the fries are hand cut and so very thin, which I rather have than those pré-frozen thick patches!

Despite the fact they offer only one dish, they do have an extensive dessert menu! Especially the profiteroles are worth a try!

I would say, for those who will go to New York soon and love steak: certainly try it out, because the flavors are really good!

PS: the restaurant is very well known and is always full (though New Yorkers eat late, so keep in mind that you’ll still have a spot at 6pm).

Reservations, they unfortunately won’t give the opportunity to make them. So be on time!

origPrijsklasse: middle class

Adres: 590 Lexington Ave, op de hoek met 52nd street, New York

Tel.: 1 212 – 758 -3989


Citytrippin’ Barcelona

Since most of you are still enjoying your holidays these days, it seems like the right thing to do, to make my first blogpost about my vacation in Barcelona (2014). I’m going to talk about 2 nice addresses where I’ve been and where i’ve had a good meal.

So, for all those who planned a holiday in Barcelona or have the intention to go there soon it might be a to-do! 


Not only ‘Trotter’ recommands this address, but I do too! It’s situated in the centre of Barcelona, nearby the well known Rambla.

Despite it’s discreet place  the street where La Crema Canela is situated ends at the giantic, cosy Placa Reial.

The interior is not so much special: just basic and clean. With it’s white walls, light accents and cosy candles they managed to create a cosy atmosphere inside! Not to mention is it’s wall that has been covered with local products, mainly wine.

The staff is very friendly, but not so much fast in service, but hey: you’re on vacation! So, no stress, no hurry and mostly: ENJOY!

I enjoyed a not so typical Spanish dish: rice with chicken seasoned with different tasty spices. To end our dinner I had an apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream with crumble!

La Crema Canela isn’t that much culinary, as I mean that it’s basic, but tasty! It’s just a tasty dish. No more, no less. Since it’s not that expensive, which is mostly important for those who travel, I thought is was handy to share is!

If you’re willing to have dinner over there, I recommend you to make a reservation. The address is recommended in lot’s of books and so the restaurant is fully booked soon, since the amount of table is limited.

Price: VERY cheap

Ptge. Madoz, 6

Tel.: +34 933 182 744

1335530744 1335530746

Photo’s: Copyright Andilana 2012


Of course, when being in Spain, especially Barcelona, having a great paella is a must-eat. Since this “restaurant” is situated on the Rambla it doesn’t surprise that it’s mainly focused on tourists.

The interior isn’t that much special either: wooden tables and chairs, but clean! The property is quite big, with many tables, so the more people, the better. (Touristic) They’d love to see you coming! If you mostly want to dinner in peace I need to mention that it’s depending on the football-season or other festivities. Don’t go if it’s FIFA World Cup! *laughs*

In every corner there’s a television and local supporters enjoy the matches with a beer in their hands. For some of us a cosy experience, for others a NO-NO.

But, my blog is about good and tasty food, not about interior or silent places. It’s about the paella they serve out there! … It was DELICIOUS! I could choose between small, medium or big. We had a medium for 2! For us it was enough, but for big eaters I recommend a big one!

PS: You’ve got a nice bar to sit at!

La Rambla, 87

Tel.:+34 933 18 15 31

Price: cheap