So a few weeks ago I went to this new champagne bar / hotdog restaurant in Antwerp. Actually I didn’t know it existed, until a friend had the idea to have dinner over there.

Normally I’m not a fan of hotdogs, but my boyfriend always tells me I need to try new things in life, so… I gave it a try!

Each hotdog stands for a sin. So this place is re-constructing the seven sins in life, served with champagne. You can also see the story in the interior and the decoration. In my opinion it’s a nice concept with potential!

oih     uhgib

The owner even asked us if we had some tips so they can adjust their dishes and concept, because every beginning needs some steering. I really liked they asked our opinions. After all we need to enjoy it!

The waiters are really friendly and since the concept is a little bit confusing they give you a nice explanation. Also their menu is somehow different from all the others.

kb   oihoh

You can choose your hotdog in which you have the choice between different sort of sausages.

I had the second sin called “Wrath” which is already recommanded by Frank&Brut itself. Next to your hotdog there’s also the opportunity to choose some side dishes: I had the sidedish called tator tots which are some sort of croquettes. You can also have some salads with it too!

hotdog tator
Some of my comments:

  • My hotdog was REALLY delicious BUT If you compare your meat with your bread it’s sad. There’s just one little sausage and a big amount of bread. Or the bread needs to be thinner, or they need to put 2 sausages into it.
  • My hotdog was filled with cut beetroot, bacon, baked onion and I think some celery too. But is was TOO MANY beetroot. It was just too much, the flavor was overwhelming. It’s a pity.
  • It’s delicious, but I guess for some people too less.
  • The tables are placed too close to each other. Some people like their privacy.

Normally they recommend the sinner’s combo for one price. So price-quality seen it’s a nice offer. You’ll have one sinner dog, one sharing and one side dish.

After dinner, when asking the bill they give you a notebook together with the bill so you can leave a note. Really cute!

My conclusion: nice concept and friendly people.

Meatballs with tomato sauce in the oven

This dish is nothing special, but the way my mom prepares our meatballs is really delicious.

Ingredients moonlit4

  • Tomatoes
  • Mushrooms
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper and salt
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Meatballs: minced beef and pork

First begin preparing the bottom: pick some tomatoes, cut them in some pieces and mix them together until you got a nice smooth red liquid sauce. You don’t need to peel the tomatoes or remove the seeds. The natural flavor of tomatoes is the way we go today!

Once mixed just fill your plate with it and add some parsley and olive oil. Pour it together.

moonlit3 moonlit1

NOTE: in my dish, referring to my picture, I used 8 tomatoes.

Secondly: cut your mushrooms, onion and garlic into little pieces and add them with your minced beef and pork, some pepper and salt in a blender. Also add some of your parmesan cheese already. Once mixed begin rolling your balls. Make sure they’re all the same size, so they will bake evenly in the oven.


NOTE: always use a mixture of beef and pork or beef and veal, because of that the flavor will be better. Minced beef only is somehow  different than a mixture of those two options.

Once you’ve rolled your meatballs put them on your bottom of mixed tomatoes and add some more parsley and parmesan cheese on top of it.

To finish add some little extra olive oil, put it in the oven and begin cooking your pasta. The meatballs will be needing 30 minutes at 160 degrees.


Chicken, with rice and curry sauce

Chicken with rice and curry sauce, a dish I really like and want to share today. So probably most of you will be thinking ‘Why this dish, because it’s not that difficult?’

Well no… It isn’t and that’s my point, because lots of people just buy their curry sauce already prepared, warm it up and serve it. Actually curry sauce is so easy to prepare and it even only takes some minutes.

On top of that most books & recipes tell you to use cream as a base for your sauce, but actually I changed it into coconut milk because it’s less greasy and much healthier.


  • Chicken
  • Pepper (spice)
  • Curry powder
  • Carrots
  • Yellow Bell Pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Parsey
  • Rice
  • 1 chilli pepper
  • 2 bouillon cubes (vegetables)
  • 3 packs of coconut milk


Begin by cutting the chicken into little slices and make sure that each piece is about the same size so it’s ensured that they bake evenly. It’s not necessary they’re already baked fully because, once added to the sauce, (later), they will be cooked further.

Season the slices with pepper and bake them in a pan.

Actually I don’t season the chicken with salt, because the two bouillon cubes, who will be added later, already give a salty flavor. I don’t season it with curry powder either, because I add it to my vegetables to create a stronger flavor in my sauce.

After baking the chicken, transfer it into a clean bowl so that it can rest during the time we cut and bake our vegetables.

NOTE: I always remove the seeds inside my pepper because I don’t like too spicy food. The pepper itself gives already a spicy touch.


Like I said before, I season my vegetables with curry powder so my sauce will be filled with curry flavor. Once seasoned bake your vegetables a little longer so the curry is really part of them.

Once the vegetables are cooked enough add your coconut milk into your pot. Depending on how many people will be eating you add more or less of it. Same counts for the amount of vegetables. I used three packs for four people. Don’t forget to add your bouillon cubes and let it cook some more minutes on a low fire.

coll2Once your sauce is ready add the chicken slices into your pot so they can cook a bit further into with the sauce. Last but not least: add some parsley and serve it with rice.

kipadded parsladd

NOTE: if you want to give your rice more flavor or color, you can also add some cooked vegetables to it like you did in your sauce.






Chicken rolled in bacon with pesto, vegetables and baked potatoes

We all know the struggle: “What to cook for dinner?” Well today I’m going to share a simple, but tasty dish that my mom made a few days ago.

In this post the meat and vegetables are prepared together in the oven, so that the flavors mix into eachother. Nothing special, tasty and easy to prepare!

Chicken breasts
Olive Oil
Pepper, salt, ..

To begin our recipe we put the slices of bacon next to each other in a row, so that we can put our chicken breasts on top of it. After that, spread the pesto over them and close it with the slices of bacon.

Before putting our chicken in the oven, sear the packed chicken breasts on every side in a pan. The reason we do this is because our bacon won’t be well baked (crunchy) in the oven like it will be in a pan, on top of that the pesto won’t slip away anymore. Don’t forget you don’t sear the side where the pesto is hidden too long, otherwise the pesto will disappear and slip away.

Before putting our chicken in the oven, sear the packed chicken breasts on every side in a pan. The reason we do this is because our bacon won’t be well baked ‘crunchy’ in the oven like it would be in a pan. On top of that, the pesto won’t slip away anymore. Don’t forget that you don’t sear the side where the pesto is hidden too long, otherwise it will dissapear and slip away.

After the chicken is baked, you can put it in the oven together with your cut vegetables. It’s important that the vegetables aren’t cut too big, because they won’t get cooked enough in the oven like that. So make sure you cut them small enough!

Fill the oven plate with your chicken and vegetables, sprinkle it with pepper and salt and last but not least: pour enough olive oil all over your ingredients and add your sauce scrabs that are left after baking your chicken.

Your dish needs about 30 minutes in the oven at 160 degrees.




Bistronomie Eglantier

tonicSo I recently went to our coast where we had dinner at a nice Bistro in Oostduinkerke called Eglantier.

It used to be a restaurant, but recently it has been transformed into a Bistro. Still, the food is restaurant worthy. So they call them self “Bistronomie”.
I started with an apéritif suggested by the owner: Limoncello with Tonic Water and some mint. Loved it!

As a starter I had some sort of fingerfood called “Handsaeme”. It is a plate filled with smoked duck, wild boar and rilette of goose served together with some toastes.

NOTE: they usually give you a plate of fingerfood as a snack to enjoy with your apéritif. So If you don’t like the same kind of food twice, don’t pick this Handsaeme. It’s most likely the same.

maindishfishMy main dish was Angus Beef Tenderloin with pepper cream sauce and croquettes. I must mention that the croquettes were selfmade and really delicious! It was served with a salad.

My dad had a fish dish served with potatoes and winter vegetables. It looked great and according to him it was really tasty too!
(filled with lagoustines, St Jacobs, turbot, sole and cod nut)

To end the evening I had the good old Belgian Dame Blanche. The vanille ice cream was really tasty and I guess even self made (but I’m not sure of that). The chocolate sauce wasn’t that hot, which I don’t like, but little mistakes happen all the time, doesn’t it? 😉

NOTE: if you can’t choose between the different desserts there’s a dessert plate with all desserts in small portions.

dameblancheAfter our dinner we had a coffee and they even gave us Macarons and cake with it. They were as they should be: not too steady, not too dry, creamy and full of flavor

I can only recommend this place to go!








Price: between middle class and expensive