Cafè Latino

Recently I went to this cosy place called Cafè Latino. It’s a restaurant offering Mediterranean cuisuine, but if you’re in the mood for a drink you can just sit at the bar and enjoy a cocktail with some tapas.

The place itself is ideal for couples or a group of friends who want to grab a bite to eat. The interior is really cosy because of its warm colors and candles that are placed everywhere.

To start the evening I ordered a Daiquiri Strawberrie-Passion Fruit and my boyfriend had a Caipirinja with rum, cane sugar and lime juice. The service was really friendly, nice and fast.

We also ordered some nachos with cheese and peppers together with our drinks. The nachos were served in a Spanish pottery with a hot spicy sauce and a cheesetopping. I don’t like spicy things so I passed on the sauce, but my boyfriend really liked it. They were absolutely delicious!

The only remark that I have about this place is the fact that my drink was a little bit overpriced. It was really good, but the price of nine euros was a bit too much for me. You might say: “That’s actually a normal price for a cocktail?”, but it was served in a small champagne glass with limited content and I did expect some more out of it.

Conclusion: I had a great evening! It’s not always about gastronomy and perfection, sometimes it’s way more fun to have a cosy evening in a Mexican relaxed atmosphere.      


Baked “Little Gem” lettuce and peas with a cream sauce

Today I will talk about something I really like: baked “Little Gem” lettuce and peas with a cream sauce.

If you like braised endives, you should really try this out. Especially for parents having children who DON’T like endives. Little Gem lettuce doesn’t have this bitter flavor like endives do, so maybe your children will love these! It only takes some minutes to prepare and you can find them all year long (mostly packed by four) in your favorite supermarket.


  • Little Gems
  • Peas
  • Pepper & Salt
  • Cream

To get started bake your little gems in a pan on a low fire to prevent them from burning. Make sure you switch sides sometimes so they can bake evenly and get this beautiful brown layer. Don’t forget to add your pepper and salt while baking.

            Lettuce1             Lettuce2

Once baked you can add your peas. The ones I buy are actually for steaming in the microwave, but I use them anyway because I like their flavor.

It’s not necessary that you thaw your frozen peas ahead. I just open them while baking my lettuce, and once they are ready you pour them into hot water. Like that, they will be thawn in no time.

After adding your peas you immediately add your cream, otherwise they will fur. Most of the time I use two packages of cream for four Little Gem’s and one box of peas. Let it cook for some minutes to make the flavors flow together and if you prefer you can add some more salt and pepper, depending on your personal taste.

Lettuce3bis Lettuce3

– Enjoy – Jules