Poule & Poulette

A few days ago we decided to have dinner in Poule & Poulette which is to be found in Antwerp city.

I would not quote it as a restaurant, but rather as a really cosy place to go to with your friends or with your kids. Chicken, apple-sauce and a salad together with fries, croquettes or baked potatoes. What else does a kid need?!

ML4  ML1

Like the name already reveals its concept: they only serve dishes with CHICKEN! Since I love chicken, I thought it would be nice to share this address. On top of that it’s not expensive: we paid 80 euros for 4 people.

You can choose between different preparations of chicken:

  • chicken roasted on wood fire with the choice whether you like classic spices or thyme, garlic and lemon
  • the ordinary chicken breasts
  • the well known vol-au-vent
  • waterzooi
  • wraps with chicken
  • spring rolls with chicken

Together with your chicken, you can choose for different sauces: I took the housemade sauce: Poule&Poulette sauce! This was DELICIOUS! I don’t really know what ingredients it consisted of, but the flavor was really on point. It was made of bacon and mushrooms. I really recommend you to try this sauce out!

For the ones who like having a bite before dinner, you can have chicken nuggets or chicken wings as an appetizer. These are served with a sauce too: this was a green sauce. Really tasteful too.

The restaurant itself has a somehow different style: when we settled it felt like we were in a chalet in the middle of the Ardennes. The whole interior was made out of wood. On each table there was a sort of holder for the cutlery, napkins and the spices.








On top of that each table has this cute little red light you can light on when you want a waiter at your table. This is really a nice idea.

I think the ONLY negative thing here is that you can’t visit this place with big groups, because all the tables were really small. But I read on their website there are 3 locations where they’re to be found. The tables at our location were really small, but maybe the other locations have more possibilities.