Spring rolls BIS

Since we had lots of ingredients left over, we made spring rolls the day after too. This time we did not use minced beef. We made some with chicken filet pieces and some with scampi pieces.

This time we served them together with some scampi’s. Mom also made a different sauce, because we had not enough black bean sauce left over.

So, how did she make the sauce this time?

First put a spoon brown sugar into a bowl. Add some hot water so the sugar will melt and become liquid. Once you have done the first step it’s all about adding the rest: 1 or 2 spoons fish sauce and 1 or 2 spoons soy sauce.

Squeeze a complete lime into it, add some cut pieces garlic into it, some pepper, some mint and some coriander and you’re all done!

Make sure you taste your sauce after. There needs to be a balance between the sweet, the sour and the salt.

Curious about the result? Bon appétit!


Spring rolls

Today I’m going to share this healthy starter recipe with you: chicken-scampi springrolls! You might wonder how I came up with this idea? Well a few days ago we celebrated my brother’s birthday. He absolutely loves asian food and that’s why my mom decided to prepare this.

She based her recipe on one created by Quyen Truong Thi, the owner of the Asian restaurant Little Asia in Brussels. We once had dinner over there and it was absolutely amazing. You can find more of her recipes at njam!.

Anyway, let’s get started shall we?

Chicken Scampi meatballs:

What do we need?

  • 400gr chicken filets
  • 200gr scampi
  • 1 clove garlic
  • breadcrumbs
  • peanut oil
  • coffee spoon salt
  • coffee spoon sugar
  • table spoon fish sauce

Most of the time people make meatballs out of pork mince, beef mince or a combination of them both. We decided to mix it up a little bit: Chicken and Scampi! Not that we wanted to try something new, but we had to create our own minced beef after my mom totally messed it up. She added way too much salt to the already bought one and you might have guessed it: it was absolutely not eatable.

So how do you create your own Chicken and Scampi mince? Easy! You take some chickenfilet, add some scampis and blend them all together. We had to blend them apart, but if your mixer is large enough you can do it all at once.

After the mixing part is done you add the rest: salt, sugar, fish sauce and the cut pieces of garlic.

Knead it, but if you think your mince is too liquid you can always add some spoons of breadcrumbs to make it more solid. This will help you roll the balls.

Last but not least: bake the meatballs! We prefer to use a tefal pan, because it makes sure that your meat won’t burn. Also, make sure to use peanut oil. Olive oil doesn’t belong in the Asian kitchen and peanut oil has a more neutral flavour.





Spring Rolls (4p) :
What do we need?

  • mint
  • cucumber
  • coriander
  • courgette/zucchini
  • rice paper
  • iceberg lettuce
  • 100gr rice vermicelli

We recommend you cut your vegetables first before you roll the spring rolls. It makes it easier for you when we finish up this starter:

  1. Put your rice vermicelli in a bowl
  2. Boil some water
  3. Put your boiled water in the bowl with rice vermicelli and let it soak for several minutes
  4. Cut your iceberg lettuce into little slices
  5. Cut your cucumber into little slices
  6. Cut your courgette into little slices
  7. Cut your coriander into little pieces
  8. Cut your mint into little pieces

Cut some of your baked meatballs into little pieces (1 ball for 1 spring roll)

NOTE: during summer you can add some slices of apple to give your rolls some kind of freshness

B2 b1

Done? Then start rolling! First drown your rice paper into warm water. Afterwards you place the paper on a towel to let it dry a bit (you don’t want your spring rolls to be too wet). Put some lettuce, cucumber, coriander, mint and meatball pieces on it and roll it together.

b6 b8

Dip Sauce:
What do we need?

  • peanut oil
  • 1 clove garlic
  • black bean sauce
  • coffee spoon sugar

Cut your garlic into little pieces and throw it in a heated pan. Keep an eye on it, because garlic can burn really fast! After that you add some black bean sauce. Our recommandation: 3 to 4 spoons for 1 clove of garlic.

Dilute your sauce by adding some water. If you think it tastes too salty you can always add a teaspoon of sugar to balance out the salt levels of your black bean sauce.


TADA! Delicious healthy starter. Enjoy!

NOTE: you’ll have lots of meatballs left, because you won’t use them all for your rolls. You can serve them together with your rolls, so your guests or family can taste these balls apart from the rolls. They’re delicious themselves too. I prefer them hot.


Red Bell Pepper Soup with chorizo meatballs

Hello everyone. I promised I’d be back soon, so here I am!

Today I’m going to share one of my favorite soups: Red Bell Pepper Soup. Normally I’m not really a fan of Red Bell Pepper, but this soup really got my attention since last year.

A year ago, I celebrated New Years Eve with one of my best friends. Her parents own a Bed & Breakfast called Het VuchterhofSee Here ) where we stayed the night. At dinner, her mom served this soup and I LOVED it!

Now a year later, we had breakfast over there, after having a second New Years Eve together. And guess what: she made this soup again! Of course I had some for lunch.
This made me realise that I should share this soup on my blog. Not only because I like it, but also because it’s so easy to make!

Originally the recipe is from a Belgian Chef called Jeroen Meus. This recipe is to be found in his book Mijn 200 Klassiekers. He serves his soup with chorizo meatballs.

So what do we need? (4 p)

For the soup
2 onions
bay leaf
pepper & salt
2 dl white wine
5 red bell peppers
2,5 Chicken Bouillon cubes
1 teaspoon curry powder
1 teaspoon red bell pepper powder
100 g cheese with herbs (I used philadelphia with ail and fine herbes)

For the meatballs
100 g chorizo
250/300 g minced meat
100 g breadcrumb
1 egg


To begin cut your onions and red bell peppers into pieces and bake them in a cooking pot. Use enough butter to bake them, because onions absorb much of the butter. While baking your vegetables make sure you stir enough in your pot. If you think your vegetables are cooked enough, add your curry and red bell pepper powder.

DSC_8074 DSC_8075

Now add 2 dl white wine, this is normally the size of a drinking glass. It doesn’t matter what wine you use, because the alcohol will disappear anyway. It just gives some little flavor to your soup. Once added, let the soup simmer for a bit.

While simmering add the herbs (bay leave, parsley & thyme). Of course you’ll need to remove your bay leaves after. They only add some flavor to your soup.

DSC_8076 DSC_8069

Once the herbs are in the soup, you can pour 2l of water into it together with 2 and a half chicken bouillon cubes. Of course you can use 2l fresh selfmade bouillon, but this takes time to make. This needs to simmer for about 20minutes on a low fire.

DSC_8079 DSC_8084

Last but not least mix your soup and add your cheese with herbs after. This will melt into your soup.

Normally you won’t have too much skin left of your red bell peppers. But you can sift your soup if you like.

 Chorizo Meatballs

Cut your chorizo into very little pieces. Take a bowl to put your minced beef and chorizo in. Add one egg and bread crumbs to it. Some pepper and salt and VOILA: you can begin squeezing! According to the recipe you need to add some salt to it too, but chorizo is already salty and don’t forget you put cheese in your soup. You can first taste your soup and decide whether you like some more salt or not. Once you got too much salt you can’t go back!

DSC_8088 DSC_8090

Bake your meatballs and serve them with your soup.


Chicken salad with green mint salsa

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost! Sorry for that! It has been busy weeks with Christmas Holidays and my exams.

Today I’m going to share a very healthy salad my grandmom made a few weeks ago. Already from the start she put it on the table I already had the need for tasting it! Such a beautiful plate, with all those different green tints.


What do we need for this mint sauce?

Bunch mint
Bunch parsley
2 toes garlic
Lime juice
Corn oil
Jar sour cream
Salt & Pepper
A spoon of mustard

 What do we need for the salad?

Honey and sugar
Different types of salad (own choice)
Some carpers

First blend your herbs (mint, parsley and garlic) into very small pieces. After that, mix your sour cream under your herbs. Be careful you don’t mix too hard, because otherwise your cream will become butter. To finish add some corn oil, lime juice and a spoon of mustard.

If you think the sauce is a bit too thick you can add some water or milk to it. Last but not least add some salt and pepper depending on your personal taste.

TADAAAAA this will be your green healthy mint sauce!

SauceBefore you begin making your salad bake your chicken slices and cook your asparagus.
After that, take a scale to put your salad on. I used three different types of salad: lamb’s, oak leaf and iceberg lettuce. Spread it on the plate together with your slices baked chicken and your asparagus. Preferable cut your asparagus into slices, because the texture is sometimes diffitult to eat. Add some carpers and you’re all done!

Add your mint sauce and dressing (honey, sugar or other substances you like), only just before presenting it on the table, otherwise your salad will be wet in no time. My grandma used honey and sugar to give it a sweet touch, but of course this makes it less healthy. 😀 Add it if you like, if not, just leave it out or use another healthy dressing.

My family loved this salad, so grandma put the sauce in a bowl on the table so everyone could take some more if they liked it.




ENJOY! I’ll be back soon.