Citytrip Milan

Hey Guys! As some of you know I went to Milan for my birthday! If I need to make a summary about this trip it would be sunny, shoppy and tasty!

In this blogpost I’ll recommend some places we went to. Without good food, a holiday isn’t complete, so lets get started!

Everyone loves a good smoothie right?
Well, in case you’d love to sit down for a minute after a walk or you just want to have a cosy evening: BAR MALPIGHI!

It’s mostly a local bar, since it’s not in the tourist area. You can enjoy cocktails, smoothies, beers, … Anything you like! And like in any Italian bar you’ll get some potato chips and olives with it.

On top of that the bartender was really friendly and quite funny. We didn’t really know what to drink so we asked to surprise us. She made my sister a really good smoothie consisting of carrots and pineapple. I think this is a typical Italian one, because we saw this smoothie almost everywhere.

My mom took a glass of wine and I decided to go for a Gin Tonic. I think her definition of Gin Tonic is somehow different *laughs*: lots of gin, no tonic. It was really heavy!

Address: Via Malpighi 9, 20129 Milano, Italy

Hungry and in the mood for a good bite? LUNCHTIME!

If you’d like to enjoy a salad, a sandwich, a panini, a soup, … Panini Durini is a good place to go! You can find them all over Milan.

My mom took a salad, while my sister and I enjoyed a sandwich. Together with our lunch we had this heavenly great smoothie again like we had in Bar Malpighi. This time it had 2 more ingredients: apple and ginger. This one was even better!

So if you want to enjoy a smoothie at home: Apple, Carrots, Pineapple and Ginger are the holy ingredients!

I had a sandwich consisting out of chicken, smoked cheese, salad, tomato and mayonnaise. My sister had one with Roast Beef, Cheese & Rucola. Here are some pictures to demonstrate how delicious it was! 😀

Mi1 Mi4

Delicious ravioli della casa, cosy-non touristic place and cheap?! YES PLEASE!

If there’s one place I’d recommend for the full 100% to everyone it would certainly be: EPPOL!

This place is REALLY trending, so If you’d love to have dinner or lunch over there: make a reservation or go early enough so you’ll be able to have a spot.

All three of us each enjoyed a pasta. My sister and I even had a dessert and our mom enjoyed 2 glasses of wine. On top of that we got some appetizers of the house and that only for 55 euros! I know right, What are you waiting for?! Here’s a picture of my sisters pasta with truffle.


Address: Via Marcello Malpighi, 7, 20129 Milano, Italy

Good Filet Pur, octopus or a palet antipasta?

ROVELLO 18! This is a cosy restaurant where we enjoyed one hell of a filet pur. It was cut into little slices dressed with Parmesan, olive oil, pepper & salt together with some baked potatos. Nothing more, nothing less. Italians don’t use sauces with their meat, so know that. You can order some side dishes with it like spinach, broccoli or cauliflower. Very basic, but tasty and that’s all we need!

Mi9 M7

When we entered this place, we immediately saw a wide range of wine bottles. My mom recognized a wine we had before at home, so our appetite to have dinner was 100%!

Last but not least the dessert my sister enjoyed was really delicious too. It was some sort of chocolate cake.

The owner is a very friendly old man. He’s adorable. On top of that he has a dog sitting on a chair under a table. She even had a bow in her hair! Really cute! This means this place is filled with warm people, because not everyone allows a dog in a restaurant.

I need to mention this address was also recommended by Michelin, so this address is a little more expensive.

Address: Via Tivoli, 2, 20121 Milano, Italy

Another cosy restaurant, with live music in the evening?! PERFECT!

RONCHI 78! This restaurant had really nice bartenders dancing and singing along with the music. No worries: this music was not too loud and even GOOD! The good old music days with Dire Straits, Phil Collins, Michael Jackson, …

The anti pasta plate we had was really good. They even served some sort of Américain Préparé (minced beef) with it, which was really tasty on a piece of bread with pepper and salt.

I need to mention this restaurant is specialized in MEAT, at least this is what we read in a book. Next to that I heard that their Risotto is an eye-catcher.

The filet pur we had was really good and served with mushroom sauce and baked potatos together with thyme. Also here you could enjoy side dishes.

Starting from 22h there’s live music to enjoy while you’re there. Ideal to set the mood! Unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to make pictures.

Address: Via S. Maurilio, 7, 20123 Milano, Italy

I think I spend my holidays very well, don’t you? 😉 Good food, sunny weather and a lovely city. Hope you enjoyed my post! See you soon.

Briouats with vegetables

Hey Guys! As some of you might know yesterday was my BIRTHDAY!

This means: good food!

We started our family dinner with an amazing appetizer I definitely want to share: BRIOUATS! A briouat is a sweet puff pastry of the Morroccan cuisine! I loved it! We found this recipe in a book of Pascale Naessens called ‘Mijn pure Keuken 2’.


It’s handy to mention that you can prepare these in advance. My mom did it too, and the briouats were still on point! Make sure you store them in layers butter paper in your fridge. This will prevent them from sticking to each other. (see picture)


Excited? I thought so!

NOTE: We used 2 packs of brick pastry, 8 sheets a pack. We cut them in 2, so this means 16 pieces Briouats a pack.

– 2 onions
– 3 cloves garlic
– 2 zucchinis
– 6 carrots
– 2 packs brick pastry
– Coffee spoon Kurkuma
– EXTRA: parsley or coriander

NOTE: the amounts are not that precise! Just play with it!

Well… How to make them?! EASY!

  1. Grate all vegetables (individually) with a mandoline or cut them into very small slices
  2. Stew your onion and garlic with some salt and pepper
  3. Add all other vegetables to your stewed ones and let it cook on a low fire for a while
  4. Last but not least: add some more herbs! Pepper, salt and kurkuma! Kurkuma will give your vegetables this yellow/orange color! (see picture) Last but not least: ENOUGH fresh coriander. Coriander gives your briouats the typical fresh flavor.


  1. Put your vegetables on your brick pastry and fold it. Use some egg yolk to make sure it sticks.
  2. Before you put your briouats in the oven: grease your briouats with olive oil so they become crunchy!
  3. The briouats will need 160 degrees for about 10 minutes: after 10 minutes, turn around the briouats and bake them again for 10 minutes. Like this each side gets enough heat.

NOTE: don’t use a baking sheet, but a roster! Only like this your briouats will get crunchy. If you use a closed sheet, the bottom will be weak.

PS: my mom served these briouats together with a dip sauce: Raita , a typical Indian sauce. This could be tzatziki too. 



Today I want to share a new dessert recipe called Bokkenpootjes! They are simple, delicious and maybe a perfect gift for your loved one for the upcoming valentine’s day.

As we all know: baking is not a piece of cake. It requires precision, patience and the only way to get better is to practice as much as possible. I decided to give it a try and the result was tasty enough to share it on my blog.


The recipe is based on a version by Roger Vandamme (which you can find on the website of njam!) but I decided to give it a bit of a Jules twist.

NOTE: It takes some time to make them. I needed around 3 and a half hours.

Thrilled to make them? Lets begin, shall we?!

What do we need for the biscuit? (20pieces)

  • 200g egg white (about 7 eggs )
  • 125g almond flour
  • 175g powdered sugar
  • 225g sugar
  • 40g flour
  • a pinch of salt
  • almond flakes

What do we need for the crème au beurre?

  • 187g milk
  • 112g sugar (1)
  • 12g sugar (2)
  • 1 dried vanilla fruit
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 20g pudding powder
  • 240g butter

What do we need for the chocolate sauce?

  • 350g chocolate
  • some cream


  1. Beat your egg whites together with your sugar and salt until it becomes a sticky white mass. (see left)
  2. Use a spatula to mix the mass with your almond flour and powdered sugar (make sure you mix it gently and don’t use a mixer: the batter needs to be light and a mixer prevents this from happening) (see right)
  3. Sift your flour and add it to your batter.
  4. Put the batter into your pastry bag and make sure there is no air in it.
  5. The biscuits will need 12 minutes at 170 degrees. I think 160 is even better.

NOTE: Before baking your biscuits in the oven, you can first make your crème au beurre because that will need to cool down in the fridge. Meanwhile, you can start baking.

NOTE: If you have a new oven these temperatures will be good enough. If your oven is already some years old: they need probably more baking time at a higher degree. It’s something you’ll need to figure out yourself. My first bake-session of this dessert was not good. I used 15minutes and the biscuits were too hard. My second bake-session was better, because I baked them only for 12 minutes. Originally the recipe says 180 degrees, but that is way too high, at least for my oven. 




Before and after baking! Don’t forget to add your almond flakes! 😉

Crème au beurre:
I normally make my crème au beurre differently, but this time I followed Roger’s recipe. I did only use half of the required ingredients because I felt that the amounts were way too high.

Before we get started: make sure your butter is already out of the fridge. We do this to make sure that we reach room temperature, as this will improve the mixing process later on with the pastry cream.

  • Beat the sugar with the cream, egg yolks and pudding powder.
  • Cook your milk, sugar, vanilla marrow and vanilla fruit together. Make sure you stir all the time.


Note: use a low fire, this prevents the milk from boiling too fast.

  • Remove the vanilla fruit and pour the beaten cold mass in a hot pan together with your milk. Don’t throw it all together at once, but slowly add small amounts over time. Keep stirring.
  • Once you have this thick pastry cream: put it in a bowl, cover it and let it cool down in the fridge.
  • Mix your butter with the pastry once it’s cooled down.

B12    B13

Put some cream (just a little bit) in a pan on a low fire together with your chocolate. I used some cream because it prevents the chocolate from sticking to your pan.

NOTE: if you used some cream to melt with your chocolate, your chocolate will be less stiff after cooling down. But I don’t mind that. So I did it anyway! ;D