Cod fillet, mashed potatos based on chicory and a fish sauce

Friday: fishday!

Today I’m going to talk about CODFISH, one of my favorite fish. It’s generally known codfish is highly appreciated in our culinary world.

I mostly prefer cod fillet, not only because of its loose and soft structure, but also because of its lack of fish bones. I don’t really like it when I constantly feel those in my mouth. It does not improve my appetite!

Recently my mom made cod fillet and trout with mashed potatoes based on chicory and a fish sauce. This dish is perfect to serve when dining with your whole family in the weekend. It’s easy and delicious!

Note: trouts do have these little fish bones in their structure, so if you don’t like that, just keep it basic with cod fillet.

DSC_8304 DSC_8269

The fish

  1. Fill your oven plate with codfish and trouts
  2. Put some tomatoes, onions and lemons on the fish: you can also fill your trouts themselves with lemons, onions and some thyme so you’ll get this full flavor all into the fish. Of course don’t forget to add pepper and salt (in and on your fish).


NOTE: cut your cod fillet into little pieces, because trouts don’t need as much time in the oven as codfish does. You can also put some bacon on your codfish, this will make sure your codfish stays juicy.

  1. Sprinkle olive oil all over the fish and some thyme
  2. Last but not least put some butter on each fish
  3. The fish will need about 20 minutes / 30 minutes at 160 degrees: if you want to check if your fish is cooked enough: try to pull out the fin. If this goes easily your fish is ready!

NOTE: first cook your potatos. When they’re halfway, put your fish in the oven. Like this everything will be ready in time all at once.



Before we get started, I need to mention it is really important you DON’T use a Tefal pan. The best way to bake your chicory is an inox pan. This will make sure your chicory will bake very hard and will get this good brown baked color. On top of that, make sure your pan is HOT!

NOTE: don’t wash your chicory. Otherwise, there will be too much moisture.

  1. Cut your chicory into little pieces
  2. Use a big pan, because a big amount raw will be a little one once baked
  3. Make sure your pan is hot and your butter is already getting brown before adding the chicory: we really need this PPSSHHT sound when adding the chicory!
  4. Let it bake on a high fire for a while, it’s okay to get this brown color, but watch it: don’t let it burn!
  5. Pour sometimes into it. Once you have the feeling your chicory is baked brown enough, put it on a low fire and make sure it cooks further. Like this the chicory will somehow “caramelize” itself.
  6. Once your chicory gets sticky, add a small amount of water into it: this will be the second PPSSHHT sound! 😉 After some more cooking, your water will be cooked away and your chicory will be ready enough to serve.
  7. Add some pepper and salt to it, but not too much, because I think chicory doesn’t need much herbs, but this is personal.

NOTE: lots of chefs add some sugar to their chicory to give them a sweet flavor, but I don’t think a vegetable needs to be sweet. We never add sugar to it.


The mashed potatos

Not everyone’s mashed potatos are as good as they need to be. Good mashed potatos are soft, creamy and tasty! Sometimes the soft and creamy part is difficult for some people. So, I’ll share it anyway.

It is VERY important you add butter and eggs to your potatos. Only like this you’ll get this creamy structure. Depending on the amount of potatos you’ll add more/less. I added 2 eggs, some milk and butter to it. Next to that I used nutmeg, pepper and salt. I finished the mashed potatos with parsley. I always like the green touch in my food. It’s a little extra-thingy to the dish.

Last but not least: add your chicory to it!


The fish sauce

  • 200 ml water + fish bouillon cube
  • 200 ml white wine
  • 200 ml cream
  1. First add 200ml water to a pan. Heat it and add one cube fish bouillon.
  2. Add 200 ml white wine and 200 ml cream to it. Let this boil for a minute.
  3. Once boiled shut down the fire.
  4. Add pepper
  5. Thicken your sauce with Maizena
  6. Add some mustard (1 spoon) to idd: this gives your sauce a spicy boost!
  7. Let it cook again (not too long)
  8. Add parsley and shrimps

NOTE: add your shrimps and parsley only the very last minute before serving your dinner. Otherwise the ingredients will already weaken.


Happy Fishfriday!