Cod Fillet with parsley-parmesan crumble

Remember one of my previous posts about cod fillet? Well, today I’m going to post another, but slightly different, dish with as a main ingredient: COD FILLET


Just like the one before (see here), this dish is really easy to prepare and perfect when having a bunch of friends at your house. You can fill your oven plate with lots of fillets.

Shall we give it a try?
– cod fish
– parsley
– olive oil
– mushrooms
– spring onions
– some tomatoes
– parmesan cheese
– breadcrumbs : preferable panco

  1. Cut your cod fillet into little pieces and put them on your oven plate
  2. Mix your parsley and put it together with your panco and Parmesan cheese into a bowl: make sure the amounts of these 3 ingredients are the same. If you add too much panco, your crumble will be too dry.

 NOTE: Panco? This is a sort of breadcrumb. We use panco, because the pieces are more rough in texture, while its flavor is way more precise and fine. (see picture)


  1. Add olive oil to your crumble. Not too much! Just enough to make sure your crumble of your 3 ingredients is sticky enough to crab as a whole.
  2. Put your crumble on your pieces of Cod Fillet
  3. Add a little piece of butter (spreadable butter): this will melt into your crumble, which means it will grill better in the oven. You’ll get this beautiful brown crunchy crumble.
  4. Put some tomatoes and spring onions on your Cod Fillet
  5. 15 minutes at 180 degrees in the oven + additional 5 minutes under the grill. Every oven is different, so make sure while grilling that you keep an eye on your fish, so it won’t burn.


NOTE: I did not use salt in this dish, because your cheese is already salty. Pepper is not necessary but preferable.

 This oven dish is perfect to combine with some mushrooms and mashed potatoes with endives. Cut them into littles pieces and put them together with your fish in the oven. For the sauce check out my previous post: HERE. The same goes for the mashed potatoes.