Terrine of Zucchini with Serrano and Basil

Well, since my summer holiday has begun… I’m totally back!

Summer means: new adventures, new places to discover, but also trying new recipes. Nothing more exciting than presenting a new dish to your family or friends!

Today I’m presenting another starter: Terrine of zucchini, Serrano and basil! Very healthy, colorful and light. We found this recipe in Nr.21 Guide Cuisine 2008, a culinary french magazine.


NOTE: as you can see on my picture our terrine was not that tight at all. But It was DELICIOUS! These colors are yelling to be eaten, aren’t they? 

Before we start I need to mention this starter needs to be prepared in advance: let it rest 12 hours in your fridge.

Is your family coming for lunch this week? Are you looking for a nice starter before dinner? This terrine is ideal to prepare in advance! (ca. 10 pers.)

What do we need?

You’ll need a cake mold for this starter.

  • Basil
  • 2 Onions
  • 2 toes garlic
  • Some Olive oil
  • 2 balls Mozzarella
  • Serrano Ham (1 pack)
  • +- 150 gr Parmesan cheese
  • 6 little Zucchinis or 3 big ones
  • 1 package sun-dried tomatoes

Note: It is not mandatory to use Serrano ham, this could be Parma ham or any other dried ham you like. On top of that these amounts are just a guideline. You can use as many of these ingredients depending on your personal taste.

Note: concerning the Parmesan cheese: cheese is a very heavy ingredient. Feel free to add less. Just spread some cheese between each layer, depending on your personal taste. 


  1. First cut your zucchinis into little and long slices. Let them boil (with some salt) for about 3-4 minutes. Make sure your slices zucchini are not boiled too long, otherwise they will become weak.
  2. Let your boiled slices rest for some minutes on a towel. This makes sure your zucchini is not too wet before using it. Otherwise, your terrine will be very liquid after 12 hours of rest.
  3. Cut your garlic, onions, Parmesan cheese and balls mozzarella into little pieces. Do the same for your dried tomatoes and your Serrano.
  4. Bake your garlic and onions in olive oil for some minutes.
  5. Cover your cake mold with plastic wrap. This makes sure your terrine can be taken out easily.
  6. Now begin making layers of all cut ingredients. It’s important as you begin with your slices of zucchini, they will hold (if they didn’t brake when boiling) all ingredients somehow together. After your zucchini, put following vegetables in this order: Serrano, basil, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, onions with garlic and last but not least some dried tomatoes. Do this all over again for a couple of times. Make sure you begin AND end with zucchini!

NOTE: already put some pepper and salt on your Mozzarella! 

                         Z2 Z3

NOTE: if your zucchini has already a lot of seeds, then it will rip apart more easily when boiling. It’s recommended you use young zucchinis, but not mandatory. It’s better to buy one zucchini extra, because sometimes you don’t use all parts of it, because of the seeds.
Nobody wants a terrine full of seeds, do we? As you can see on my picture our Zucchini was not that much of a nice texture anymore, but this doesn’t matter. Flavors are all we need!

7. Cover it with plastic wrap on top and let is rest in your fridge for 12 hours. Make sure you put some weight on it, so it becomes one whole tight terrine.

When presenting your terrine you can put some extra basil and Serrano on top of your dish! Don’t forget some pepper, salt and olive oil when presenting it!