About Jules

Welcome to my blog! My personal food -and travelbook!

Since traveling and having dinner are mostly connected to each other, my blog will be written about those 2 main things.

So, My name is Jules.

I’m 22 years young and a fulltime pleasure-lover! I’m student at UHasselt where I study Law. On top of that i’m a culture-lover, excited about making photo’s everywhere and last but not least: i’m CRAZY about sushi!

I live in and around Beringen, but staying mostly elsewhere! *laughs* Besides that I love to travel and i’m grateful my parents are willing to give me that opportunity each time again.

If you cross me on the streets around Beringen or you pay me a visit at home… It’s mostly 100% sure I might wear a sweatpants! I’m mostly a stay-at-home person so I’ll make myself comfortable every single time with my pyjama’s or sweatpants on!  😀

Enjoy my blog!

PS: my mom is an artist, specifically making sculptures! If anyone is interested in art you should certainly check her out! (http://www.elsart.be

Special thanks to Rob, my boyfriend, who is willing to re-read and correct my blogposts!