About my blog

Everyone has those moments… “What am I going to eat today?” or “Where am I going to eat?”. I bet lot’s of people even know the scenario where mom (or dad) asks “What would you like to have for dinner today?”.

And there we are then… Standing, not knowing what to answer… Because we love food and there are lot’s of possibilities. It’s my main goal to share nice addresses and recipes through my blog!

My blogposts concerning recipes will be posted thanks to my mom, because she is an excellent hobby-chef and is able to make a magnificent meal every single day again! She prepares, I’ll write about it! So only recipes we tried out, will be posted!

Hopefully you’ll find your way here and I hope if you ever visit the places I wrote about, you’ll have the same experience as I did. Don’t forget: everyone has another taste, times changes and restaurants change too.

I have nothing more else to say than: ENJOY.