Hey guys, Jules here! I know… It’s been a while and I’m so sorry for that!

Today a short, but nonetheless a post triggering our summer vibes!

We all know this yellow alcoholic drink called Limoncello! Limoncello is a typical Italian liquor, which is made from lemons.Lemons are truly “earth friendly”; every part of the lemon is used in our culinary, health, and beauty creations.

But… Did you already know Limoncello is easy to make yourself at home? This post is about the first step in our process making Limoncello. After this step you’ll need to wait for about 4 weeks before you can do the second step.

Our Limoncello is a strong one, but the flavor of the lemons is way softer comparing our Limoncello with any other from the supermarket.

Let’ s get started, shall we?!

What do we need?

  1. 4 BIOLOGIC lemons! It’s important you use biologic ones, because when buying lemons you’re not 100% sure they’re not sprayed with pesticides. Since we use the skin of our lemons this could influence our Limoncello in a negative way. On top of that it’s just not healthy.
  2. 0,5 l pure alcohol (95% < ).


Actually the only thing you need to do in this stage of making Limoncello is to zest your lemons. Normally zest means scraping little slices, but we took bigger pieces of the peel. It doesn’t matter how you zest your lemons, only make sure you don’t have slices containing the white pith below the zest, because this will make your Limoncello taste bitter.
If you don’t know what I mean by white pith: See here.

In my picture the lemons have already been zested. Notice how they’re still yellow. I removed the outer skin without touching the pith anywhere. 


Combine your zest into a jar together with your alcohol and let is rest for 4 weeks in your fridge so the flavor of your lemon peel becomes one with the alcohol.


It’s handy to put a label on your jar mentioning the date of making your first step!

See you in 4 weeks!


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