Salmon Pastry Roll

If there’s one thing to pick I like most to cook and eat it’s appetizers! A plate full of colorful tiny dishes, in all forms and shapes. You can go all different directions with appetizers if you tell me. And that’s what I like most!

This appetizer is one my mom made recently when we had family coming over. She told me she received the recipe from some friends she met on holidays.

Don’t you ever have these moments when friends come over by surprise or at short notice and you don’t have the time to go to the supermarket for some ingredients? Well then this recipe will be a bull’s eye!

This Salmon Pastry Roll is not that much of work and super easy! You can even prepare it in advance. Just prepare your rolls, put them in the freezer and when you need them some day unexpected you just take your salmon rolls out, cut some slices and put them in the oven. You’ll have tiny little snacks in no time!

salmon rolls

Do you like salmon? Well we do!
Don’t they look delicious?

What do we need?

  • puff pastry
  • smoked salmon
  • sour cream
  • a lemon
  • pepper and salt
  1. Put your puff pastry on plastic foil (Why? See step 7)
  2. Spread your sour cream all over your puff pastry.
  3. Put salmon all over your sour cream
  4. Put another layer of sour cream on top of your salmon
  5. Add pepper and salt
  6. Squeeze out a lemon and sprinkle some juice over your dish
  7. Roll it up like a sushi roll: we use plastic foil for that! (see video)
  8. Put it in the freezer (covered with the plastic foil you used)
  9. Once your pastry is stiffed: cut it in slices. The thing is you don’t need to put them in the freezer as such, but when they are frozen they’re hard and like this you’ll get this beautiful round slices. If your pastry is warm and soft it will be difficult to cut your slices well round-shaped.
  10. Put them in your oven for 20 minutes at 200 degrees.

salmon rolls 2

Bon appétit!


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